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Camel Races

Length:  2:27 Keywords:  Middle Eastern Folk Dance Action Adventure  

Far East Mystery

Length:  3:08 Keywords:  Asian Asia China Japan Suspense Tension  

Salsa Fun

Length:  3:14 Keywords:  South America Latin Salsa Dance  

Dawn in the East

Length:  2:52 Keywords:  Anticipation Sunrise Dawn Daybreak Far East Asian Chinese China Japan Japanese  

Exotic Tension

Length:  1:23 Keywords:  Exotic World Dramatic Tension Suspense  

China Majesty

Length:  2:51 Keywords:  Asia Asian China Chinese Majestic Royalty  

Modern India

Length:  2:17 Keywords:  India Indian Contemporary  

African Choir 2

Length:  1:43 Keywords:  Africa African Choir Tribal  

Chinese Meditation

Length:  3:32 Keywords:  Chinese China Asia Asian Peaceful Meditation Meditative Tranquil  

Indian Flute Song

Indian Flute Song Percussion Singing 2:38 Length:  2:38 Keywords:  India Indian Hindu Vocal Flute Song Religious Sitar  

African Choir 1

Length:  2:18 Keywords: Africa African Religious Spiritual Choir  

World of Hope

Length:  2:16 Keywords:  Inspiring Hopeful World Optimistic  

Indian Mystery

Length:  2:00 Keywords:  India Indian Sitar Mystery Suspense  

Indian Sitar

Length:  2:24 Keywords:  India Indian Sitar  

World Panorama

Length:  :44 Keywords:  Panorama Sweeping World Majestic