Royalty Free Music from Sonic Imagery

Royalty free music is the choice of more and more professionals in media production. The variety and quality it offers equals many more costly “license” or “needle-drop” music libraries at a substantial cost savings.

 We have been creating Royalty Free Music for 20 years, so we understand what media professionals need in their music tracks. Sonic Imagery, our latest Royalty Free Music Library, is the Newest Choice for Royalty Free Music. Featuring New Tracks and New Pricing, Sonic Imagery offers a distinct alternative to other Royalty Free Music libraries.

 What is Royalty Free Music?

When looking for music for media projects many professionals sensibly choose royalty free production music. The sheer variety available nowadays is astonishing and the cost savings can be significant as compared to traditional fees paid in royalties.

Royalty free music can be used in a wide range of media – and other – projects, from websites to corporate videos, in waiting rooms, podcasts, for events, for educational purposes, television, film, radio and cable broadcasts and for a huge variety of other uses. So long as it’s for the sole use of the buyer one license can be used to utilize a piece of music in several projects at once. When you consider that under the royalties system each and every use would cost an additional fee it`s easy to see how the benefits mount up.

Paying once for a license then being able to use that piece of music in as many projects as you need to gives a distinct advantage but the sellers obviously need to look out for the composer’s interests too. There are usually sensible restrictions in place and each seller will detail these clearly for you. For instance some may disallow the use of their music on shop floors or as on hold music in more than a pre agreed upon number of locations. These restrictions protect the composers and sellers from over dilution of their work and mean that they can continue to afford to sell royalty free, benefiting all parties in the end.

It is important to distinguish between royalty free and copyright free. Usually royalty free music retains its copyright, meaning that the copyright interests remain the property of the composer or seller, depending on contract. Always check whom you need to acknowledge as the author or owner of the piece in your credits. It’s also known as “buyout music”, which is a little more misleading because even after paying your license fee the rights still don’t belong to you.

With the correct license, royalty free production music can be rearranged for the specific needs of the user, so long as derivative works are properly credited.

Royalty Free Music FAQs

When I download Sonic Imagery Royalty Free Music, what does your license entitle me to use it in?

Videos, Multimedia/CD Rom, On Hold Services, Film, Documentaries, Television, Radio, Web Sites, (Streaming only) Education, Background Music, Music on Hold, Cable Networks, Wedding and Events, Advertising Music and Trade Shows. If your usage is not listed here, contact us.

May I use it on more than one project?

Yes, our license allows you to use it in as many projects as you choose.

Do I ever have to pay any additional renewal fees?

No, you are granted a single site, lifetime license for the music, so no additional fees are ever required.

The music I purchase will be broadcast. Are there any additional licenses or requirements?

Music for broadcast requires a separate license, please contact us at sales@sonicimagery.com. In addition, you must agree to submit a Cue Sheet to ASCAP so they are able to monitor the broadcast performance.